Her name might not be the first you think of when you recall 1930's Hollywood.  

Maureen was a beauty like no other though.  
She was very down to earth, a natural beauty, & never needed make-up to turn heads.  
She was able to show up to a party in the most simple of gowns, and outshine the biggest stars in the room.   
She could be a tom-boy one moment, and the most sophisticated lady the next.
Men loved her, and women envied her.
She had a special charm, that people found absolutely irresistible.

Maureen spent a number of years playing various roles in many, many movies,
but it was her role as Jane in the Tarzan movies for which she is most remembered.
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Hurrell 1
Hurrell 2
Breathtaking photo
Is that the come hither look from Maureen?
Irish America cover Maureen O'Sullivan
Modeling the latest fashions---cute photo
Maureen O'Sullivan 1940's
My favorite photo
Maureen cooking up some jungle grub
Easter Photo Maureen O'Sullivan
This one is thanks to Jim----   :-)  ***thanks***
Pose 2
Maureen O'Sullivan candid 2
Maureen O'Sullivan
Maureen O'Sullivan candid 1
Maureen O'Sullivan candid 3
Gorgeous Maureen O'Sullivan pin-up
She makes it look so easy and graceful
Maureen O'Sullivan
Waking Ned Devine Soundtrack
track 11  
An Angel Will Cry
Cohens & Kellys in Trouble
The Hurrell Sessions
When Maureen was down to her last couple of hundred dollars in her early Hollywood years,
she decided to get new photos taken to promote her career.  
She went to the best photographer in Hollywood, Mr.
George Hurrell.  
The four photos above were taken during that photo shoot.  
Jimmy Fiddler once called Maureen one of the 12 most beautiful women in Hollywood, stating that she had a "childish" beauty.  
These gorgeous photos show that she had much much more star quality that was just beginning to shine through.
Another lovely photo of Johnny Weissmuller and Maureen O'Sullivan
One of the greatest on screen couples....Tarzan and Jane
Maureen O'Sullivan as Jane
A common Tarzan and Jane photo