In 1939 the world was a rapidly changing place....we were on the brink of WW2.

In 1939, at the Farrow household in Beverly Hills, there were also major changes in the works.  
John and Maureen were expecting their first child, Michael.   
Maureen went on hiatus while John was off at war with the Royal Canadian Navy, choosing to stay at home and raise baby Michael.  
After his return from the war, and like many other Catholic families, their family grew and grew and grew.  
After Michael, came Patrick,  
Maria (Mia),  Johnny,  Prudence (Prudy),  Steffi, and  Theresa (Tisa)!!!
John continued to direct movies, and Maureen eventually returned to making movies in 1948 starring in the "The Big Clock", directed by her husband.
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Maureen O'Sullivan
Michael Farrow
John Farrow
Michael's Baptism---Proud daddy John Farrow takes a loving glance at his son on his special day
Maureen O'Sullivan
Michael Farrow
Mommy Maureen
Maureen O'Sullivan
Michael Farrow
Maureen and baby Michael wait patiently while John Farrow was off at war
Maureen O'Sullivan
Michael Farrow
Michael trying to direct be just like daddy John Farrow---CUT!
Maureen O'Sullivan
Michael Farrow
Maureen and Michael---2
Seven Nations
CD:  Pictou Sessions
track 10 Part 2 (Pipe Set)
Louella Parsons featured the Farrows in the Christmas issue ofthe Baltimore American Pictorial Review (Dec. 25, 1949)
Pan Am brochure---The Farrows
The Farrows on their way to Spain for the filming of John Paul Jones (1958)
Leaving the hospital after stricken with polio---Mia Farrow and dad John
John Farrow and Mia
Maureen and Patrick(?)...maybe Michael...hard to tell
Farrow kids with Maureen on set of Bonzo Goes to College---the girl in the middle is Gigi Perreau
Michael, Patrick, Johnny, baby Tisa with mom Maureen, Mia, Prudy, Steffi, and dad John Farrow
The church going Farrows
Johnny and dad John Farrow on set of John Paul Jones (1959)
Mia Farrow, John Farrow, and Maureen O'Sullivan
Mia and Maureen
John Farrow, Prudy, Mia, and Maureen O'Sullivan
John , Prudy, Mia, and Maureen---photo 2
Farrow family
church photo 2
Farrow's on a stroll, a full fledged parade
The Farrow family at home---take 1
The Farrow family at home---take 2
Introducing Theresa (Tisa) Farrow, the last of the seven Farrow childen born to John and Maureen
Mia Farrow as the Duck and Cover kid
John Farrow with daughter Mia and son Patrick during the filming of John Paul Jones (1959)
Michael gets a haircut from dad while on location
John Farrow, Michael Farrow, and Patrick Farrow on location
John, Mia, Patrick, Johnny, Maureen, and Michael
The Farrow's at church--Mia, John, Michael, Prudy, Patrick, baby Steffi, Maureen, and Johnny
Introducing Steffi Farrow the sixth child of John and Maureen
The Farrows---take 2
The Farrows---take 3
John Farrow with sons Patrick and Michael
Michael Farrow and dad John
Mia, Maureen holding baby Tisa, Steffi, Michael, John, Patrick, in front are Prudy and Johnny
Alan Ladd, John Farrow, Maureen O'Sullivan, and in front (l-r) are Steffi, Prudy, and Mia
Maureen with son Patrick and daughter Mia---perhaps her first time on stage (?)
Mia celebrating her birthday with daddy John Farrow
John Farrow, Mia, Patrick, John Jr., Maureen O'Sullivan, and big brother Michael
John Farrow, Mia on his lap, Patrick, Maureen O'Sullivan holding John Jr. and  Michael
John Farrow, Johnny, Mia, Michael, Maureen (with Prudy on her lap), and Patirck
Maureen O'Sullivan
Michael Farrow
John Farrow
The baptism of Michael Damien Farrow
Maureen O'Sullivan
Michael Farrow
Candid photo of Maureen O'Sullivan and baby Michael---on break from Tarzan's New York Adventure
Maureen O'Sullivan
Michael Farrow
Maureen O'Sullivan and baby Michael on the set of Pride and Prejudice (?)
Maureen O'Sullivan
Michael Farrow
Maureen and  Michael
Maureen O'Sullivan
Michael Farrow
Maureen O'Sullivan
Michael Farrow
Maureen and Michael
Maureen O'Sullivan
Michael Farrow
John Farrow
Proud parents John Farrow and Maureen O'Sullivan playing with baby Michael
Maureen O'Sullivan
Michael Farrow
John Farrow
John Farrow on leave, spends time with Maureen and young Michael
Perfect little family
Maureen O'Sullivan
Michael Farrow
Maureen and newborn Michael Damien Farrow
Patrick, Johnny, and Mia boarding a plane at LaGuaria heading for Shannon, Ireland.
Precious moments during wartime
Maureen and a young Mia Farrow wear matching sweaters.
The Farrow boys putting their boat into the pool---Patrick, Maureen, Michael, and John
The happiness of the Farrow household reflected in the bright smiling faces of Mia, Johnny, and little Prudy.
John, Maureen, Patrick, Michael, and baby Mia Farrow
And baby makes five!  John Farrow, Maureen O'Sullivan holding baby Prudy, Michael, Patrick, Mia, and Johnny
Maureen O'Sullivan and infant Mia Farrow
l-r. Steffi, Mia, Tisa, and Prudy
l-r.  Prudy, Johnny, Mia, Tisa, Prudy.
Mia, 3rd from the left, during the celebration.
Maureen and Mia
Photos from the Farrows stay in Denia,Spain~~~during the filming of John Paul Jones.
Mia was named Queen of the Fiestas-1958
Credit: Council Town of Denia.